The Wildtalon Rangers

Founded by Nolan Renwicke, and named for his love of freedom and the wilderness, the Wildtalon Rangers exist to protect the lands that Nolan loves. The Wildtalons exist to protect Verdania and its people – whatever form they might take.

Current Facilities:

“The Lodge”
Storage (6 squares) 120g Earnings gp +2
Stall (12 squares) 250g Earnings gp, Goods, or Labor +8
Lavatory (1 square) 120g
Kitchen (4 Squares) 160g Earnings gp or Goods +4
Guard Post (6 squares, two stories) 320g Earnings gp or Goods +4
Common Room (28 squares) 300g Earnings gp or Influence +7
Bunks (15 squares) 400g Earnings gp or Labor +8

Current Members:

Lieutenant – lvl 3 ranger (costs 4gp/day)
Skills = Diplo, Intimidate, Know-Engineering, Perception

Guards (5x lvl 1 Warriors) 100g
+2 gp, influence, or labor

Archers (5x lvl 1 Warriors, ranged focus) 310g
+6 gp, influence, or labor

The Wildtalon Rangers

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