Corp Loot

Camp Thorn Ford (Second Bandit Camp), 8th Day of Desnus 4712 AR

Fight vs the Stag Lord, 12th Day of Desnus 4712 AR

Fight v Tatzylwyrm, 5th day of Erastus 4713 AR

Fight v Howl-Of-The-North-Wind 7th of Erastus 4713 AR

Fight v O’Leary Bandits, 15 Kuthona 4713AR

Abandoned Keep, 16th Abadius 4713AR

Bandit Battle in the Nalmarches Pharast 6th 4713 AR

Lizardfolk Village. Erastus 6th 4713AR

The Mad Old Hermit 01/27/14

1x Pouch containing berries, beans, and twigs (junk) 5sp
1x Crudely Drawn Map ( the map seems to point the way to a hidden burial
cairn somewhere in the Kamelands between the Gudrin
and Shrike rivers, due east of the northern shores of the
Tuskwater. ~ dungeon *Marked on Map. ) [Taken by Nolan]

Burial Cairn 2 / 9 / 14

1x Broken Chainmail
1x Heavy Wooden Shield

= = = = = = =
Total LIQUID Gold (as of 4/30/14)

Total Item Sale


(As of 2/3/14)

Magic Items Worth Keeping

1x Broken Longsword – Repaired and taken by Nolan
1x +1 Leather Armor ~ 1,010GP [Taken by Emily]
1x Ring of Protection +1 ~2,000GP [Taken by Nolan]

(As of 1/29/14)

= = = = = = =

Kingdom’s Possessions – Kept within the Castle Hold unless otherwise noted
1 x Bundle (Contains 10 sticks ) Incense [Kingdom Loot]
1 x Vial of Cinnamon [Kingdom Loot]
2 x Bag of Flour [Kingdom Loot]
1 x Jar of Black Pepper [Kingdom Loot]
1 x Jar of Sea Salt [Kingdom Loot]
1 x Roll of Canvas ( Light Sepia Toned ) [Kingdom Loot]
1 x Potion of Cure Moderate Wounds [Nolan]
2 x Short Spear [Kingdom Loot]
2 x Shovels [Kingdom Loot]
2 x Hatchet [Kingdom Loot]
4 x Dagger [Kingdom Loot]
1 x Bolt of Tanned Burlap Cloth [Kingdom Loot]
3 x Crudely stitched Leather Masks [Kingdom Loot]
2 x Bottles of Brevic Brandy [Kingdom Loot]
1x Royal Outfit [Kingdom Loot]
3x Courtier’s Outfit [Kingdom Loot]
1x Life sized Alabaster statue of an Elven Nude ~900GP, but weighs 500lbs. [Kingdom Loot]
1x Mithril Statue of Findeladlara ~ 1,200GP [Formely Ancient Idol] Linked to future Sidequest, but you can probably get more cash by selling, imho. *See A Lady’s Desire in KM Book2 Rear Cover] [Kingdom Loot]

Contents of Emily’s Library and Laboratory
1x Abandoned Spellbook: (Mage Armor, Identify, Reduce Person, Silent Image, Unseen Servant) ~ 212GP
1x Ancient Filigreed Elven Water Clock ~1,000GP but weighs 200lbs.
4x Doses of GreenbloodePoison, 100GP each.
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Corp Loot

Kingmaker Helio