True children of the wilderness, fey seldom reveal themselves. Allowing their presence to go unnoticed. However, for Tyg-Titter-Tut, this was different. Because of a lack of trust from her past experiences with humans, Tyg had decided to perform her own test on an unexpecting Nolan – trying to learn if he was any different.

Playing a series of pranks on the woodsman as he traveled through the Nalmarches, each prank grew bolder until Nolan had picked up on the few presence. Offering something shiny – a stag lord’s pendant, he had established a small relationship with Tyg and her companion, Pervalish. Through the fey, Nolan and Julia had learned about how the expanding bandits and their fearsome leader.

Losing interest in the coversation, Tyg had continued a game of tag with her fairey dragon, leaving the woodsman as they found him – during wonder. . . .



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