Brief History of Brevoy

This story, like countless others, takes place in a long expanse of untamed wilderness known as The Green Belt; or as locals know it, The Stolen Lands. Nestled between the nation of Brevoy and the fragmented (and relatively lawless) River Kingdoms, hearty adventurers, pioneers, and heroes have all set out to claim this land as their own, but all have failed. Teeming with the unknown, few have been able to establish a lasting foothold in the region.

Brevoy, but a stone’s throw to the north, is a nation on the verge of a political turmoil. A young nation, it lives a dual existence, born from the two sovereign states it once was. To the north, Issia; to the south, the Rostland. Brevoy’s history is a short one – the two states existed separately, despite their dislike for one another. Until, one fateful day, Choral the Conquerer arrived with a sizable army and demanded sovereignty or death. Issia capitulated to the mighty ruler, but the Rostland refused. Their armies fought a losing war against Choral, and were eventually lured into an ambush. Choral’s secret weapon – dragons – tore the Rostlandic army to tiny, charred shreds.

Forced into submission, Rostland begrudgingly accepted Choral and his cohorts as the new leaders of their nation. Choral, despite his dictatorial conquest, united the destabilized nation needed with a strong rule. Until several generations later, when Choral and all of his descendents vanished with a trace – leaving Brevoy leaderless.

In this state, several of Issia’s ruling families clamored for the throne, while Rostland plots for a restoration of independence. With the two regions once again treading towards war, the fate of Brevoy lies in the heroes of this generation…

Brief History of Brevoy

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