Arsonist and Novice Alchemist


Zoe is a 16year old trouble maker hailing from the River Kingdoms. Having learned of work opportunities, the wild girl had signed on with Goodheart Farms as a farmhand, offering her services as an amateur chemist for the farm’s fertilizer. During one night, when she had seemingly burnt the bridge on the Thorn River, Zoe scrambled for a coverup.

Thinking that blaming the accident on evil cultists, Zoe had all but got away it if it wasn’t for Nolan Renwicke.

In a hot pursuit from her mock alchemist lab, Zoe ran as fast as she could before stumbling and spraining her ankle. Caught, in a fight of desperation the girl thought she was dead.

Given the option of redemption or death, Zoe reluctantly told the truth and amended for her actions by rebuilding the Thorn River bridge.

With her penance complete, Zoe currently resides in New Svoba rubbing elbows with Emily Tensyn.



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