The Stag Lord


Not much is known about the Stag Lord except for his brutality and growing organization of bandits and thieves. Having set up shop deep within a contested area between Brevoy and the River Kingdoms known as the Green Belt, The Stag Lord’s ambitions remain unknown. For the moment, he has recruited a seemingly large force and has begun expanding settlements around the forests and woods as part of his Empire.

When the companions encountered the esteemed leader, little of what they learned about the monumental man lived up to the reality they saw before them. The Stag Lord was nothing more than an self-loathing, simple minded alcoholic who had let his organization crumble at the lack of leadership. Having spent more time chasing the droplets down the barrel, the great man’s dream had dissolved as his own underlings plotted against him.

In a drastic battle between the companions and the bandits, the Stag Lord emerged on the fort’s battlefield only to find that his forces had been decimated. Throwing himself into a rage, the Stag Lord engaged Nolan and Julia after nearly killing Akiros. After several fatal blows, the Stag Lord had finally fallen.

Died @ Bandit Main Camp 12 Day of Desnus 4712 AR

The Stag Lord

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