Svetlana Leveton


To Oleg’s ire, was Svetlana’s sweetness. Of Varisian descent with golden wheat hair, light tan skin and a taste for the arts and family, Svetlana had original hailed from Magnimar. Having met her boyfriend while on a trip to Brevoy, she rapidly fell in love with Oleg Leveton. Despite his stubborn nature, there wasn’t a thing to keep her from loving her mate.

Having no hesitation to settle down with her husband, Svetlana prepared herself for a new life as an assistant to her mate’s business – a trading post with a unique location in the wilderness. Adjusting well to the life change, Svetlana almost felt like a character in a story she read – which would result in a happy ending – until a run in with a local group of bandits changed fantasy into reality.

Worried for their lives, Svetlana impressed upon the adventurers for their aide in quelling the bandits advances.

Unaware that she would be included in a series of events, she had done her best to provide a taste of home for the adventurers during their quest.

Understanding that she played a new role in the development of a budding nation, Svetlana naturally signed on as a diplomat. Her motto was, “If kind words won’t establish peace, my food should do the trick”.


Svetlana Leveton

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