Oley the Highwayman

WolfSkinned Bandit Leader.


Oley the Highwayman is more of a recent legend that surfaced in the Stolen Lands once the Stag Lord and his tyranny had ended.

What started out as exiles from the Stag Lord’s forces solidified into a small bad of rogues of vagabonds, taking the phrase “reaping the land” to a new meaning.

Settled within a particular craggy hill within the Nalmarches, Oley and his men had set up shop once they learned of O’Leary’s Acres – becoming a parasite upon the establishment.

Had it no been for a quick response of Verdania’s Marshall and Councillor, the Bandits could’ve easily done more than a month’s damage to the growing nation.

Dispatched with rather ease, Oley and his men had paid for their crimes with mortal recoil.


Oley the Highwayman

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