Oleg Leveton


Oleg Leveton is what some consider an unimaginative business person. Stern, forward and having a short temper, Oleg had earned the moniker of “Old Avalanche” for his manner of telling people how it is.

Sick and tired of the city lifestyle – even Restov’s standards, Oleg had bought a derelict fort some several odd miles outside of Rostland’s border. Favoring the remote location, it was everything he wanted – the solitude of nature coupled with a clientel that shared his common interests.

All was going well until several months after he opened his trading post that he was visited by a new group of people interested in his wares. A small band then, Kressle and Happs Bydon of the Stag Lord’s army had formed a new business arrangement that on a particular day every month, Oleg would have to fork over a portion of his inventory (or all of it) as well as his profits less he’d suffer a horrible fate – the bandits had a way of making him follow along.

Having escaped from the city only to life miserably, Oleg had sent messages and letters to Restov alerting them of a bandit presence and a request for aide. For several months, Oleg had bottled his anger and waited with a quiet desperation for any form of aide. As if the god’s had intervened, a group of travelers hailing from Restov were bound for the Trading Post.

Seizing the opportunity to impress upon them of his situation, Oleg had petitioned their aide (well, actually more of Svetlana). In the end, he had receieved his aide and was a base of operations for the adventurers during their time in the Green Belt.

When it came down to nation building, there was no better accountant on hand than Oleg (unless you’re willing to contract an abadite). Together with his wife, Svetlana, the Levetons are one of Verdania’s founding fathers.


Oleg Leveton

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