Giant sized man-baby.


A thunderous sound had awakened Julia and Nolan one foul night during their exploration mission to map the southern reaches of the Green Belt. Alarmed and curious, the duo had come upon a rather unlikely sight – a crying hill giant.

Lacking any linguistic skills with humans, the Giant had merely groaned and mumbled while trying to collect the last drops of his homemade blueberry moonshine. Prepared for any situation, Nolan happened to have a vial of comprehend languages – thusly establishing an understanding with the giant.

Though impressively large, and fearsome – “Munguk” was nothing more than a blubbering giantoid seeking the 3 things that he wanted in life – More blueberry hooch, fresh game and a woman – all in that order too. Unfortunately, its the dead of winter and Munguk had chased much of what little game was around.

Having little to offer the giant, Nolan and Julia snuck away within the waking hours of the morning to clear enough distance between them and a saddened Munguk.



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