Sootscalian Ambassador


Beaten near death, Mikmek was found by Nolan and Julia during their raid of the Mite’s lair. The old sycamore had a defacto jail room where several kobold corpses laid about – prisoners of an on going border war.

Grateful at his suddent change of fate, Mikmek wanted nothing to do with the mites except for escaping their horrid lair. Breathing the crisp kuthonian air, he was glad to be freed. Guiding Nolan and Julia back to his home, Mikmek was eager to introduce his new friends to his tribe.

Upon reuniting with his tribe, a bewildered Mikmek, still tired from the enslavement was going to be sacrificed by a mad kobold shaman – Tartuk. Once again, saved from the clutches of an unstable character, Nolan and Julia had earned a place within the Sootscales trust.

Serving as their liason, Mikmek is both a trusted friend and contact of the adventurers.



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