Leonti Rontosi


Leonti Rontosi is a man of average build, born and raised in northern Brevoy. Nearly permanent bags underneath his blue eyes are partially hidden behind his narrow eyeglasses. A handful of wrinkles make their way across his forehead, although those too are partially obscured by his hair. He keeps his hair roughly shoulder length, often tied back so that it does not interfere with his work. Despite lacking the same schooling as a member of one of the noble houses, Leonti had enough business know-how to open a very successful shop.

A generally jovial fellow, Leonti has spent most of his life working in New Stetvan as a jeweler. Despite his lack of physical prowess, he has made a living crafting fine jewelry for the elite houses of Brevoy. Seeming an expert at weaving in and out of social situations, he was a favorite of several of the houses. He had a good life, but he remained single.

About a year ago, he fell in love with Katya Lebeda, one of the daughters of the noble house. A frequent customer, he found her entirely enchanting, and finally professed his love to her. To his surprise, she reciprocated. Head over heels, the next six months were a complete joy, his perfect job complete with his perfect match. Unfortunately, Leonti may have been an expert craftsman, capable speaker, and well-to-do, but he was no noble. Katya’s father discovered the couple’s illicit relations, and immediately put a stop to it. Within a week, Leonti’s business reputation was ruined. He was without a job, and was forced to flee New Stetvan to scrape together what remained of his pride. Heartbroken, homeless, and unemployed, he immediately perked up on hearing rumors of a new city priding itself on freedom – a land called Verdania. Hopping on the first caravan out of Restov, he headed for the River Kingdoms, his face bearing the first smile he’d managed since Katya was taken from him.

Leonti’s limited magical prowess developed from less of an interest in magic than a rather strange purchase. His familiar, the toucan Tibalt, was traded to him by someone looking for a very particular piece. The bird was strange, but its exotic nature caught Leonti’s interest, and he accepted the trade. Yet, the bird seemed to be smarter than normal – as if it could almost read Leonti’s mind. Soon he found himself able to move light objects with only his mind. Startled by the sudden changes, he purchased a handful of lessons underneath a local wizard. Without the money, status, or natural talent to truly advance his magical talents, he stopped after satisfying his curiosity and getting his powers under control. If he hadn’t been run out of New Stetvan, he might have been able to save up and take a few more magic lessons, eventually…


Leonti Rontosi

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