One time badass leader of the Corpse Brigade


Human Fighter 2 / Ranger 3, Bandit Officer

Early on, Kressle was the lynchpin in the Bandit’s Organization as the last face you’d want to see. This deadly woman carried several hatchets about her and was always seeking a moment to sharpen them in a foe’s skin. Nothing good could be said her – hell it was even a surprise that at one moment she held a small relationship with Happs. Though one of the few remaining individuals from the Corpse Brigade, Kressle turned to the Bandit’s organization out of admiration and opportunities from the Stag Lord.

When the companions had entered Camp Thorn Ford, she had realized that a disguised Nolan and Julia had disguised themselves as Bandit Officers and attempted to replace the Despicable captain. Furious and seething with bloodlust, Kressle had accepted a challenge from Julia to a duel to the death. With careful maneuvering and strikes, Julia had easily dispatched the officer.

Died @ Camp Thorn Ford 8th Day of Desnus 4712 AR



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