Kesten Garess

Warden and Smug Guardian of Verdania


Only related to nobility by name, Kesten Garess has lived a comfortable life in Skywatch as a clerk in his family’s mineral trading business with the Golushkin Mountain Dwarves. Content with having a Garess working at the shop than any other plebian, Kesten had only needed to be there to work.

More often than not, Kesten would be found either day dreaming about an adventurers life or practicing swordplay in one of the backroom against a stack of crates. Bored with his life, Kesten had caught the attention of a beautiful girl named Lidia who he would ditch work to hang out with. She was everything he was not – simple, always smiling and could make anything into fun. At times, she would sneak into the shop and eat lunch secretly with Kesten, and would share stories of her daring adventurer brother.

It came to a point where things between them grew serious.

One day, Kesten’s father had caught the two lovers on one of their lunch dates. Shocked and ashamed that Kesten would choose such a low born girl let alone ditch work for, grew disappointed and disowned the lover boy.

His father ashamed at Kesten’s poor choice had all but excommincated the boy from the family.

Shamed, dishonored and seperated from his lover, Kesten had fled to Restov hoping to prove his loyalty by taking up small mercenary jobs. When learning about a bandit problem growing deep within the Green Belt, Kesten had hoped to end in a mortal conflict against the tyrant – willing to die on the battlefield just get his honor restored. With several men, Kesten bound for Oleg’s trading post hoping to get a slice of the action.

When Nolan and Julia had returned with news of the Stag Lord’s defeat, Kesten had nearly lost hope – entering a new depression. Swalling the hard news, he had set delivered a letter to Restov claiming the Stag Lord’s defeat. When the nobles had arrived, a new opportunity opened up for the dour guardsman – the chance to colonize.

Invigorated by a new cause, Kesten was inspired to be part of a new community – one where he would be appreciated for his efforts – able to lead a life where nobles and politicians didn’t dictate do’s or don’ts. Putting his past fears aside, Kesten had signed on as the colony’s Warden.


Kesten Garess

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