Julia Orlandeau


Level 5 Monk, LN
HP 41
Speed 40, Ini 2
AC 16 / 16t / 14ff
CMB +6 / CMD 2
Saves: Fort 5 / Ref 6 / Will 7

Attacks: Unarmed Strike 7 1d84 x2
Flurry of Blows +3 / +3


Str | 16 | +3
Dex | 15 | +2
Con | 10 | +0
Int | 10 | +0
Wis | 17 | +3
Cha | 13 | +1

Acro |8|
Climb |8|
Escape Artist |7|
Heal |7|
Intimidate |5|
Knowledge History |4|
Knowledge Religion |4|
Perception |9|
Perform |1|
Ride |6|
Sense Motive |9|
Stealth |10|
Swim |8|

Flurry of Blows: Full attack, 1 attack action. can combo w/ weapon or unarmed strikes or combat maneuvers.
BAB = Monk Lvls, +3/
- – -
Stunning Fist: Fort [ 14 ] DC = ( 10 1/2 Level + Wis Mod )
Uses = 1 / level
Target drops held items, -2 AC, Stunned for 1 round, can’t take actions, FF’ed.
@4th: New Condition ~ Fatigued.
- – -
Burst of Force: 15ft Cone ; std action ;
2d4 dmg [Reflex DC: 15 ~ 1/2] → bull rush fail = Cmb +5.
1 / Day
- – -
SLOW FALL: Negates first 20ft of falling damage as long as near a wall.
- – -
#points = 1/2 Monk level + Wis Mod ~ 5points
o ~ +1 attack @ highest BAB for Flurry of Blows
o ~ Increase speed 20ft
for 1 round
o ~ +4 dodge bonus to self for 1round
o ~ KI STRIKE: Spend point, weapon becomes magical to overcome DR. Swift Action

ALERTNESS: +2 Perception / Sense Motive
- – -
DODGE ARROWS: Swift action, deflect any seen ranged arrow att.
- – -
IMPROVED GRAPPLE: +2 cmb / +2cmd ; no AoO
- – -
IMPROVED TRIP: +2 cmb/ cmd. No AoO
- – -
Combat Expertise: -1 att / cmb for +1 dodge ac,

<0>Class Skills<0>:
IIMPROVED UNARMED STRIKE: No AoO, and can attack even when full.
- – -
EVASION: No dmg from successful reflex save
- – -
DODGE: +1 to AC
- – -
STILL MIND: + 2 will vs Enchantment spells and abilities
- – -
- – -
MANUEVAR TRAINING: Monk lvl = bab for CMB
- – -
PURITY OF BODY: Immune to all diseases, magical and even supernatural.
- – -
HIGH JUMP: Adds monk level to all acro checks, running start, spend ki point → +20

< Ca >- Rostlander: +1 Fort
< F > Caretaker: +1 Heal, Heal is a class skill
<co> Courageous: +2 Will vs Fear


Human F Monk 1, LN < CY >

Raine’s Character Sheet

Julia Orlandeau was the proud daughter of two successful alchemists that owned Restov’s famed Apothecary, The Honest Aide. Her parents were inherently talented with providing quality medicine for decent coin. Aside from their business, the Orlandeau Family ran and maintained a small clinic that provided small relief towards the destitute. The Orlandeau’s were a functional business model; The parents served as Alchemists and consultants, while their daughter helped with errands.

At a small age, Julia suffered from a respiratory problem that worried her parents greatly. Despite their best efforts, no panacea that the talented Orlandeau Alchemists produced could cure their daughter’s affliction.

Years would pass as Julia grew up, and the smothering nature of her parent’s persisted. The poor girl knew that she couldn’t grow up contained and under her parents constant watch. At about the age of 15, Julia came across a book during one of her typical ingredient runs. The book was amazing! It was simple and leatherbound, complete with a stenciled figure in a stretching pose. Something about the book interested Julia deeply. Having not seen a work like this, Julia would stop by each day just to look at the book and its contents until finally either by annoyance or generosity, the shopkeeper gave the book to Julia. It was the best day of her life. The book was a manuscript detailing different exercises, stretching poses and theories on how to achieve enlightenment.

Knowing that her parents would disapprove of such a tome, she would only study and practice in the wilderness nearby. Julia felt that this was the tool to help overcome her respiratory problem. The girl had a natural affinity towards the books teaching. She was far more interested in what she could do with her body and pushing its limits rather than being bottled behind the counter of her family’s business.

Knowing the worrisome nature of her family, an 18 year old Julia left a letter outlining her woes of being cooped up and her plan to experience life. Taking a good look at herself at the mirror near her wardrobe, Julia saw that was growing up into a an adult. Her ivory skin heavily contrasted her black hair. Under those heavy bangs, a pair of intense green eyes shone with destiny. Producing a knife, she cropped her once long hair to a more favorable shoulder length that didn’t impair her sight, or give her opponents a grapple advantage. Packing up her manual and few belongings, Julia snuck out under the cover of night and experienced freedom for the first time. She signed up with the local warrior’s guild and lived as a mercenary for several years. Her talents and new found martial arts power were true and helped her make a suitable income, despite having her family’s business.

On one of her return trips from a successful mission, Julia saw a tattered playbill that promised adventure in the Stolen Land. Sensing the familiar excitement of adventure and a place to test her talents, Julia eagerly signed up.

= = = =

Against the Stag Lord
When introduced to the problem of a growing bandit presence within the Greenbelt at Oleg’s Trading Post, Julia’s heart sang out to dispatch the corrupt organization from the woods. After dealing with Happs Bydon’s patrol, she had tracked the location of a nearby bandit outpost – Camp Yetz – thanks to her trusted comrade, Nolan Renwicke.

Through subterfuge and wordplay, Julia had reluctantly took upon the disguise of a bandit to ascertain information of the organization’s agenda and participants. Assuming the identity of “Sasha”, she had gone deeper into the organization – leading to the a startling revelation – the Stag Lord was empire building.

Being on the edge of a civil war, no party would send aid to dispatch the bandit problem. And with the River Kingdom in a chaotic state of mini governments – it was left up to Julia and Nolan to ultimately take down the Stag Lord and his men.

Working as a splinter cell, the duo had infiltrated the Stag Lord’s ranks and made an impression on some of his men. Not all the bandits were into raping and pillaging – some where there because of new opportunities or had no other option in life, like – Serpico, the Corpse Brigade and Bran. While others like Dovan from Nisroch, Kressle and Happs needed to be taken down.

Taking advantage of this truth, Julia had worked with Nolan in finding allies amongst the bandits – using their knowledge against each other. Finally coming upon the Stag Lord’s fort, Julia and her friends had set into motion their plan.

The final battle was drastic – Something Julia had not encountered before. Scores of bandits emerged into a bloodlust frenzy, an enraged Owl Bear had been set loose and massive carnage. And to top it all off, a hulking figure emerged from the cave – the Stag Lord. Throwing all her energy into taking down the Stag Lord, she had dodged, struck and have it her best. The Stag Lord having been in a better state than the girl, had landed a critical hit with his longsword nearly killing Julia – but she survived the ordeal.

= = =

A Budding Colony
Taking time off from her adventure, Julia had focused deeply on helping Verdania establish itself on top of the ruins of the Stag Lord’s fort. With her might, the builders were able to hastily construct Verdania’s founding city.

When called to action, no position served Julia better than that of Councillor – the very voice of the people. Responsible for the life’s she sworn to defend, Julia looks upon a hopeful future for her new family.

Julia Orlandeau

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