Jhod Kavken


Among Erastil’s faithful walks a quiet and stoic man – Jhod Kavken. Originally a simple farmer and hunter, Jhod was called to the faith in his early adulthood. Average build, balding head with spruce colored hair, and a slight smile – Jhod is a reserved man.

Several years would pass, and the Erastite had provided both the spiritual guidance and woodsland lore to his humble community in Galt until a series of dream like visions spurred Jhod into a pilgrimage ( or atleast the near excommunication of the priest).

When a series of vicious attacks had plagued his village, Jhod had firmly believed that a werewolf was responsible for the deaths of life stock and children. Guided by his passions, he had lynch mobbed the man he felt responsible for his crime. Several days later, the town’s warden had procured a rather large worg – the real culprit. Flustered and panicked at wrongfully accusing an innocent man to his death, Jhod needed to atone for his sins. (It was either that or suffer the same fate)

Learning of an exploration charter, Jhod had left Galt and bound for the east, passing through Numeria and the River Kingdoms until he found Oleg’s Trading Post. Meeting Nolan and his party, the Erastite was quickly accepted for his shared respect of the woods and assistance in a cause against the Stag Lord.

Still troubled by his visions, Jhod had implored Nolan to report to him if any ruins were found within the Green Belt that matched his vision. Learning about a fallen Temple of Erastil, the Priest bound for the ruins with great haste only to find an abnormal guardian – a large black bear. Communicating with the beast revealed to the Erastite several truths – The Guardian was originally a fellow Erastite, yet had walked away faith causing his bestial transformation. And second, A Temple meant that there once had been a community in these woods – possibly Taldan.

Restoring the Temple took the combined efforts of Ujarek and Jhod, where they installed a new guardian and balanced the alignment of the ancient site.

Since the temple incident, Jhod has served the growing Verdanian colony as their High Priest – promoting the power of community, a balance in nature and reverence to Erastil’s realm.


Jhod Kavken

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