Happs Bydon


Happs Bydon

Human Ranger 2, Officer in Stag Lord’s Army.
Although originally from Restov, Happs was originally a town guard. Dissatisfied with his pay and budding criminal lifestyle, he fled to the Green Belt for refuge. Life within the woods was relatively boring. With little people to extort or harass, Happs had been reduced to primal cares- hunting, fishing and camping. It was during one of his forrays in the woods that he was surprised by the Stag Lord and his crew. The Bandit Lord had set upon two of his men to assault Happs, but being quick with his sword and bow, the Ex-Guard had easily dispatched the two assailants. Pleased with Happs prowess in combat, he extended the would be bandit an invitation to his organization.

Within the organization Happs had fallen for a particular cruel and fear inspiring woman – Kressle. Though a member of the Corpse Brigade, Kressle seemed to be the bad that Happs wanted in his life. Though having several tumbles, they seem to be at a distance of eachother. Deciding to blow some steam, Happs had personally lead the usual collection at Oleg’s Trading Post.

Caught unaware by an ambush triggered by Oleg’s bold move, Happs sprang into action and did his best to thrwart off the attack. With his men dropping like the rain storm that day, he fought to the bitter end, where he was bested by a fellow ranger – Nolan Renwicke.

Died @ Oleg’s Trading Post on the 26th day of Gozren 4712 AR


Happs Bydon

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