Rabble Rouser


Upon hearing about a new nation budding within the Green Belt, Grigori had to get involved. Securing a chartered carriage leading into Verdania, the fat bard had packed all the essentials – 8 boxes containing wardrobes for all occasions, a jewelry box (how can one go into a new city not looking his best), and his entire collection of fine liquors (no telling if Verdania had any such quality social lubrications).

When he entered the town, it was quite a spectacle. The Carriage had nearly broke given the great weight of its occupant and luggage. Wood straining under the bard’s girth, he had toppled over, causing a scene.

“Oomph! Really now! Is this how you treat a noble such as myself?!”

The driver gave a sigh as he and several others struggled to pick up Grigori. Securing his bags, Drake Petrovski had taken advantage of the opportunity to house Verdania’s new guest.

After living in New Svoba for several months, Grigori’s taken towards vocalizing his concerns and issues with the populace – reminding them that their new life isn’t what its all cracked about.

Any issues that threaten the town, becomes public knowledge thanks to the Rabble Rouser’s rants – all claiming to be his “civic duty”. However, his tirades and public rants have all been dis-proven time after time when Nolan and the gang return from dealing with problems. Infuriated and frustrated, Grigori had taken towards digging whatever dirt he could upon the heroes until one day, succesful in dealing with a Bandit Problem orchestrated by the fat man, Nolan had called out Grigori’s plot, publicly shaming the entertainer.

Rather than kill the man right out, sinking lower than Issian standards, Nolan had proposed of a better way to deal with the rabble rouser. Offering the bard two choices: A swift public death, or to turn on his employers. Though irrational, Grigori picked the latter and was “escorted” to South Rostland Road where Nolan threatened death if the bard should return.



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