General Serpico

Former Bandit General turned defender of Verdania's Army


Though originally one of the Stag Lord’s leading officers, Serpico had made a change for good when introduced to the truth of the failing tyrants rule – thanks to Nolan’s party. Inspired to look out for the good of his troops and a better world, Serpico had joined the PC’s team.

Successful in removing both the Stag Lord and his bandits from the realm, Serpico had stayed true and helped guide a fledgling colony. Despite hardships and the troubles with governing a nation, Serpico serves as a General, leading Verdania to victory.

- – -

Serpico is a dark skinned man of average height, shaved head and well built. Admired by his soldiers for his straight-forward personality, it would be hard to be his enemy.


General Serpico

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