Con Artist, Ladies Man, and Scoundrel


Of the Stag Lord’s many recruits, Flynn had stuck out as legend, earning the spite and awe of his peers. The bandit organization had done wonders for the rogue, he was able to do literally anything and everything he wanted – extorting hapless travelers, swooning girls in Restov, and even going on his own.

He had a silvery tongue and quick hand, but his lifestyle got the better of him. When happened upon Julia and Nolan during their wilderness scouting, Flynn had pulled a quick one on the monk and held her hostage, using the girl as a bargaining chip against Nolan.

Unaware that he was up against two capable people, Julia had broken his grip and stunned him with a powerful blow. Cutting his losses, Flynn had tried to escape, making a break for about 40ft before Nolan’s careful arrow had pinned the man to the dirt.

Miles away from any of his comrades, Flynn had met an anticlimactic death.

“This ain’t over love. You’ll be my little bird to sing…one of these days”~Flynn to Julia.

Died on 25th Day of Gozren 4712 AR



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