Drake Petrovski



Owner of The Hearty Drake Inn, Drake is a man of Ulfen descent and a rather large man for an innkeeper. Rather than being built of muscle, as so many Ulfen men are, Drake is equal parts fat and muscle. It seems a miracle that he fits through the doors of his inn, but he practically glides across the floorboards. As hospitable as he is meaty, Drake attends to his inn with the same fervor others have on the battlefield. A man born for the job he has, Drake couldn’t be happier with where he’s ended up – Verdania needed a good innkeeper, and damned if he isn’t going to prove he’s the best one around.

“So dey’s ask me why I call this place The Hearty Drake. I tells ‘em to take another look. When you take everyone’s crap all yer life over a name, ye get used to it.”

Drake Petrovski

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