Dovan of Nisroch


Human Fighter 3 / Rogue 3, Bandit Officer

Before Akiros became the 2nd in command, Dovan had control of the Stag Lord’s forces and command. Dovan is a wiry man, catlike and a cunning fencer. Rumors around the camp stated that he had been from Ustalav, which would explain his sadist like armor and odd choices of body art. Obsessed with power and being the best, Dovan had secretly plotted the downfall of the Stag Lord and Akiros, so he could rule supreme – and he was close if it wasn’t for the companion’s presence in the camp.

When the battle broke out, Dovan had decided that unleashing the Stag Lord’s Owl Bear onto the combatants would be hilarious and horrifying – well, when the creature turned on him – Dovan was shredded to pieces.

Died @ Bandit’s Main Camp 12 day of Desnus 4712 AR


Dovan of Nisroch

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