Davik Nettles


Once a proud ferryman of a simple crossing at the Thorn River’s fork, Davik had hoped to provide safe travel for decent coin. When encountered by the Stag Lord and his men, Davik had refused their bullying. Satisfied knowing that he could talk his way out of danger, the ferryman had slept soundly that night. When the smell of smoke had filled the air, Davik was too late – the Stag Lord’s men had entrapped the ferryman inside his house, and burnt down the bridge out of spite. What the bandits didn’t realize was that the fire had spread and killed the man.

All that remains is the burnt down shack and the undying ire of a damned soul – Davik Nettles. Vowing vengeance, Davik’s restless body haunted the Thorn River demanding the slaying of the Stag Lord.

When Nolan, Julia and Emily had passed by, they more or less accepted the revenant’s plea. Being good to their word, they had unceremoniously delivered the Stag Lord’s body whole – including his accursed helmet – to which Davik had greedily dragged into the water.


Davik Nettles

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