Barnabas Thompson


Barnabas Thompson is a short man, built in grin, mutton chops, slicked back hair w/ a touch of grey. A slight belly, generous face.

“Ah…thats more like it!” intoned a dashing man that sat among his peers. “Now that’s what I call a mix! The right mixture of hops, fresh lake water and these valley grains – well that and my newest recipe!!!” He chuckled, careful not to spill the concoction. “That my friends is what I call my latest seasonal beer – Owlbear’s Coo. A full bodied brew containing few ingredients for a more distinguished taste”

Already, his audience was doe eyed – either from the several tastings, or because the beer’s craftsmanship was exceptional. Whatever the case was, Barnabus was pleased.

“Alright folks, thanks for helping me in this tasting. As per usual, you’ll be privy to this brew before anybody else” Barnabas said as he pointed to packages on a nearby shelf. “For your troubles friends, enjoy”.

Inspired to become a brew master of legend, Barnabas Thompson’s dream was create a catalog of unique and appealing beers that persist through out the ages. His name would become a household moniker. Even the great Cayden Caileen would be proud of the man’s taste. But it didn’t start out this way.

Down on his luck while hopping around in the River Kingdoms, Barnabas’s first business venture– The Merry Boggard – was more of a dying creature than a reputable tavern. Customers were far and few, resulting in an almost non existent inventory. With too much time on his hands, Barnabas had begun experimenting with the time honored tradition of brewing.

Dedicating most of his time to beer crafting, Barnabas had created a meager recipe book which doubled as a journal of his brew exploits. On a suggestion from a friend to check out a budding nation deep within the Greenbelt, Barnabas like Cayden Caileen drank a mouthful of his last grand reserve beer, liquidated his assests and bound for Verdania to accomplish his dream.


Barnabas Thompson

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