Akiros Ismort


In his early 20’s, Akiros was a proud and passionate Paladin of Erastil. Having made his parents proud, the newly inducted paladin was prepared for living a pious life protecting and guiding his humble community. Catching the eye of a beautiful girl, Rita, Akiros was looking at perfect life – a future family, knighthood and a community that adored him.

Unfortunately, his girlfriend had already belonged to a man.

When Akiros’ affection turned into a bittersweet obsession, Rita had decided to cut her affair short. She made a lie to her husband claiming that Akiros demanded her love as a reward of his new office. Unsatisfied, Rita made the claim that had set Akiros on a path of destruction – she lied to her husband that the Paladin had raped her.

As Akiros was prepping for his rounds, Rita’s husband had busted through the temple’s preparation area to confront a bewildered paladin. Rita who followed closely behind named the rapist, and set her husband to attack Akiros – a Longsword slice had narrowly ended the man’s life – leaving a long scar that ran along the knight’s right eye.

A newfound feeling had surfaced in the Paladin. Filled with a rage, Akiros had received one blow before hacking and hewing both Rita and her husband. Panting and shocked at what happened, Akiros tore off his vestments and fled catching the nearest ferry.

Many years would pass as his jumped ship each time passing through the shackles until he eventually landed in the River Kingdoms as a different man. Holding onto his armor and sword from his old office, Akiros had learned of a growing bandit force deep in the Green Belt. Whether it was mere coincidence or right timing, Akiros had encountered the Stag Lord and made an impression when the ex-paladin had hewed several of the Tyrant’s lackeys without so much as taking a single blow.

Impressed, The Stag Lord had named him his Segundo – watching over both the Stag Lord’s Fort and protection of the ruthless leader.

When happened upon by a disguised Nolan and Julia, Akiros had learned of Dovan’s plot to oust the Ex-Paladin of his office. Familiar with jealousy and resentment, Akiros had encountered Dovan’s coup. Joined at his side by Nolan and Julia who wanted nothing at all with the Stag Lord’s organization had helped Akiros secede and fight back. After a gruesome battle where bandits, an Owl Bear and the Stag Lord fought, Akiros was left as a bloody pulp.

With the Stag Lord gone, Akiros was reduced to a bed ridden state where all he could do was rest. The time had dragged on for the shamed knight – hoping one day to get back into service and do something with his life.

Now in his late 40’s, steel grey hair beginning to show due to his battle hardened years, Akiros Ismort now serves as a Consul. Keeping his rage in check, Akiros may or maynot ever get back into the holy knighthood.


Akiros Ismort

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